Standard Castings Pvt. Ltd. (SCPL) is the leading Indian Company providing total Aviation Fuel Refuelling Solutions. SCPL is the largest supplier of Refuellers and Hydrant Dispensers to all oil companies in India as well as to Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India.

With long years of experience in design, development and manufacture of Aircraft Refuelling Equipments we have achieved the position of Industry Leader in the Indian Market. Our engineers are continuously adopting the latest technology and new equipment designs are regularly introduced to meet the challenge of high speed refuelling and stringent safety requirements of Aviation Industry. Our production range includes Aviation Refuellers, Hydrant Dispensers, Refuelling Carts and Helicopter Refuelling Units.

Refuellers, Hydrant Dispensers and Hydrant Carts are being manufacturing as per customer requirements with various flow rate capacities. Refueller Tank capacities range from 2 KL to 45 KL. Refuellers with larger capacity upto 60 KL can be offered.


Refueller 11KL
Refueller 27KL


Refuellers can be supplied with Tank of Stainless Steel, Aluminium Alloy or Mild Steel with epoxy coating after shot blasting on internal surface.


(i) Pump

Various flow rates can be offered to suit customer requirements. Flow rates range from 400 LPM to 3800 LPM.

(ii) Filter Water Separator / Monitor

Filter Water Separator / Monitor meeting API and IP requirements are provided.

(iii) Deadman and Pressure Control

Primary and Secondary Pressure Control Systems and Deadman Control are provided.

(iv) Flow Meter

Meter with numeral reset and totalizer counter is provided. Electronic Meter can be supplied for data acquisition system.

(v) Hose Reel

One or Two Hose Reels with hose (s) meeting API 1529 as per customer choice.

(vi) Hydraulic Lift

Hydraulically operated lift fuelling platform to reach adjustable height capable of fuelling B777 and A380 aircraft.

(vii) Deck Hoses certified to API 1529

(viii) Underwing Nozzles

(ix) Defuelling Arrangement

(x) Recirculation arrangement

(xi) Bottom Loading

Bottom Loading includes a jet lever sensor control system for automatic, high level shut - off with precheck.

(xii) Safety Features

All Refuelling Equipments are provided with various safety features to ensure that the High Speed Refuelling of Aircraft is a fully SAFE operation.

(xiii) Options

Various options are available including additional hose reels, additive injections, flow meters and other items.

(xiv) Code Requirements

All refuelling equipments are manufactured to meet applicable international standards and code requirements.