We design, fabricate and supply lifting beams for handling assemblies of the power house. We have manufactured lifting beams of capacity upto 220 tonnes. The beams after fabrication are load tested at 1.5 times the working load. The deflections are measured and DP Test is carried out at all available weld joints.


We have heavy fabrication facilities and can handle a single piece weighing 50 tonnes. Our welders are qualified and third party inspection is carried out by renowned Agencies like Bureau Veritas, DNV, Bax- Councel etc. In addition to mild steel fabrication we also undertake fabrication of Stainless Steel Tanks, Aluminium Components and are having Argon Arc Welding Equipments, Plasma Cutting Machines apart from Normal Shearing Machine Brake Press, Hydraulic Press, Bending Machine etc. We have arrangement for Shot Blasting, Metilizing, Spray Painting. We are equipped with physical testing lab and have regular arrangements for chemical testing, Spectro Analysis, and non destructive testing like Ultrasonic, radiography etc.